Merré Trix

Merré Trix

Merré Trix was named after the word Meretrice, meaning a Roman Harlot. The character was developed while Cayla was living in the Berkshires, with no outlet for performance. After seeing a show called "Gypsy Layne" performing during the Williamstown Theater Festival, she wanted in.

She found her unique expression in the Neo-movement, pulling inspiration from mocking pop culture. She also explores the post-sexy reasons people may lose themselves, as in her Miss New York Bed Bug act, and recently has explored glamorous jazz age acts. She specializes in pop culture satire, political satire, jazz age, Sally Rand fans, balloon costumes, plus her unique, comedic "dialogue teases."


Merré Trix is currently in the closet, gathering dust on her sequins, but she will unknot her fringe in the months to come...