I'm a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor. I took my first yoga class at 8 years old beside my mom and my sister on a vacation in the mountains. I've never forgotten the first awe-struck inspiration yoga provided to me witnessing the community created by the shared yogic experience.

I continued my personal practice until diving into teacher training with the intention to give the gift of yoga back to my community. I took my yoga teacher training at Jai Yoga Arts, where I continued to teach for the next three years. 

I've also continued to study meditation under the guidance of John DiLeva Halpern (Tibet house), and often tie in the Tibetan buddhist teachings into my breath-centric vinyasa classes.

I always encourage my students to remember to connect to their inner child when they unroll their mats; to call upon their uninhibited, creative spirit with gratitude, and to cultivate a deep sense of playful awareness.

I have received consistent 5 star reviews for ClassPass, and encourage you to check out an unbiased review of my class here (linked) by the NYC Yoga Sleuth posted by YogaCityNYC.