FRIDAY NIGHTS IN BUSHWICK - Get Your Flow On at Jai Yoga Arts

Hot Summer Nights, Flow On: Vinyasa Flow at 6:30 pm JAI YOGA ARTS

All I’m saying is that to liberate the potential of your mind, body and soul, you must first expand your imagination. You see, things are always created twice: first in the workshop of the mind and then, and only then, in reality. I call this process ‘blueprinting’ because anything you create in your outer world began as a simple blueprint in your inner world.
— Robin Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Friday night yoga at Jai Yoga Arts is your opportunity to transition from the work mind into play time. Together in class we engage our imaginations to release a playful spirit that may lay dormant due to our ties into the physical world, into the physical reality.  Meet deadlines. Get this done. Make rent. Have this. Do that. The "monkey mind" keeps us bound to the past and present through it's scatter, it's chit chat, and sometimes unreasonable expectations.

Friday night though? Let's come home to ourselves and gravitate towards freedom. 

The Friday night flow practice is designed to expend that excess energy which pulls at us all day until we can quiet down enough to surrender our past and futures. TO BE PRESENT WITHIN THE PRESENT. Fear and anxiety only exist in the past and in the future. In the present, we can do nothing but be . Time loses its' sense of movement when we are truly present. Although an abstract concept to be experienced, we can exist in momentary lapses. One moment. And another moment, like the jumps of a frog from lily pad to lily pad. Out of this, our creative spirit grows wings and elevates our sense of self. We expand. Yoga offers us a means into the present moment and the present moment is expansive freedom.

And you know what? That feels really f*cking good after a long week. 

This Friday, and every Friday at 6:30 pm, come down to Jai Yoga Arts in Bushwick. Get expansive. Raise your frequency.